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Your Wellbeing Matters

Enable You is a not-for-profit organisation providing health, social and wellbeing services across Liverpool and surrounding areas, with over 14 years of experience.

We focus on delivering services to meet a wide range of needs, including children, young and older people, SEND, personal carers, and those with physical, mental and or social needs. 

We work on a one to one basis through our home help services, provide group activities, and deliver online and practical training to clients and wider community. We also work in partnership with other service providers, delivering the services we provide within your settings. 

If you would like further information about the services we offer, make a referral or request an assessment for support, please refer to our services page or contact us for further information. 


Recent Feedback

Deana Cashmere - Client

"Enable you staff have really helped my elderly parents with household tasks. As well as providing cleaning services, they have excellent care knowledge and can often see the solution to a problem that may not be obvious.
They are very kind, reliable and understanding. We trust them totally and are lucky to have found them"

Mrs Gibbs - Client

"Staff have helped me so much, I was very lonely and isolated before receiving help and now I go out shopping every week with my home helper, they are very caring and understanding, I feel like my life is back again, thank you"


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Main Office:  0151 538 4118


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If you would like to provide feedback or have any concerns about our services. Please contact us, where we would be happy to help.


                                                                 Mission Statement 
Our aims are to promote health and wellbeing within the community, we are committed and strive to achieve this by delivering health and wellbeing services, working in partnership with others and providing funding to different vital services within the communities we serve. This is to help combat the concerns that come with managing good health, social and wellbeing in adults, young people and children ! Some of the services we currently help, support and provide funding to include,  local schools, early years intervention, food provisions, youth and grassroot projects, local business start up grants, young families support and financial hardship. We believe by providing this support across our communities, we can improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life to our clients and the wider community,

because Your Wellbeing Matters.

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